Transform your condo into a luxurious Modern Classic style without breaking the bank!

Today, Pear brings you an idea for condo decoration, showcasing a Before and After transformation from a real customer’s 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1 living room condo in the Ideo Charan 70 Riverview project, with a room size of 50 sq m2.

Living Room: Classic French Grey Design**

– Decorated from the Saint Timeless collection, this living room features a controlled tone with light grey.

– The design incorporates built-ins, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a 6-star luxury hotel in Europe.

– The TV wall is adorned with a striking wall lamp, adding a touch of sophistication.

**Main Bedroom (Master Bedroom): Classic Ivory Design**

– The master bedroom is adorned with a Classic Ivory design in soft white and ivory, evoking the ambiance of a 6-star luxury hotel in Europe.

– Fully decorated with built-ins, including a bedside wall, headboard lining, and wall lamps.

– The dressing table zone boasts a luxurious design with a large mirror, large built-in closet with see-through glass doors, and decorative lights for added luxury.

**Small Second Bedroom:**

– This room is decorated with a built-in headboard, lamps, and a closet with see-through glass doors.

– A special corner for working or reading is created to meet the needs of a luxury lifestyle.

**Condo Decorating Ideas from the Saint Timeless Collection:**

– The sample rooms showcased today exhibit a fusion of two designs in one room, providing versatility for different preferences.

– The Condo Decor offers a variety of collections and designs to cater to the diverse needs of urban lifestyles.

– As a One-Stop Service provider, The Condo Decor ensures a complete, beautiful, and all-in-one condo decoration solution.

**Contact The Condo Decor for Services or Consultation:**

– Facebook: The Condo Decor แต่งคอนโดดีไซน์สวย แพ็กเกจแต่งคอนโด


– LINE: @thecondodecor (

– Tel: 086 382 8284


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