Tips for Adjusting Feng Shui 5S by Ajarn Katha Chinnabanchorn

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese science, emphasizes the balance of natural elements like earth, water, wind, and fire to enhance the well-being and prosperity of residents. Here are five tips for adjusting Feng Shui, shared by Ajarn Katha Chinnabanchorn

1. **Bright:** Ensure proper lighting in living areas. Avoid placing furniture that obstructs natural light.

2. **Comfortable:** Choose furniture that is easy to handle and use, promoting a smooth and uncluttered life.

3. **Sound brings wealth:** Maintain a lively environment with activities and discussions. Hanging a small bell can symbolize the flow of happiness and prosperity.

4. **Balance:** Everything should be in moderation—placement, size, and direction. Striving for balance brings happiness to residents.

5. **Design:** Choose furniture with diverse styles or use items with a primary element of glass to achieve a balance of energies within the home.

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Enhance your living space with Feng Shui wisdom by Ajarn Katha Chinnabanchorn!

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