Rosegold Masterpiece Collection: Luxury Condo Decoration Package

Introducing the Rosegold Masterpiece Collection, a new and luxurious condo decoration package designed by THE CONDO DECOR. This exclusive design is part of the 2018 Luxury Condo Decoration Packages, offering a unique and elegant aesthetic for condominium interiors.


Make your dream of luxury living come true with the outstanding condo design idea. This rosegold color combination looks great with the elite white marble and together they create a perfect rose gold masterpiece collection. This is a modern way of exploiting asymmetry design, using it to draw attention to every corner and function of the room. It is simple but elegant and considered one of the best classic luxury condominium design for your classy lifestyle.

The package features a rosegold color scheme complemented by Elite White Marble, creating a sense of opulence and luxury in condo interiors.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of asymmetry, the design utilizes asymmetrical elements to enhance visual interest and perfection in every corner of the room.

The emphasis is on simplicity and elegance, making it a classic design suitable for those with a refined and classy lifestyle

Transform your dream of luxury living into reality with this outstanding condo design idea. The rosegold color combination, paired with elite white marble, forms the perfect Rosegold Masterpiece Collection. The modern approach to asymmetry design ensures attention to detail in every corner and function of the room, delivering a simple yet elegant ambiance. It stands as an excellent choice for a classic luxury condominium design that aligns with a sophisticated lifestyle.

– Beautiful condo room decoration with built-ins and fully furnished.

– Budget-friendly without escalation.

– Complete one-stop-service for a hassle-free experience.

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