Room Tour: GIORGIO GRAY – A Cool Gray Condo Design

Discover the allure of softness and depth reflected in luxury with the Giorgio Grey design by The Condo Decor. The focus is on creating a highlight for your condo room with a cool grey color, attracting every lifestyle.

Key Features:

1. **Cool Grey Tone Control:**

   – The room’s tone is controlled with a cool grey color, providing a calm, soft, and elegant atmosphere.

   – High ceilings and built-ins create a sense of depth and charm.

2. **Bedroom Highlights:**

   – Decorative wall behind the bed and TV, reaching up to the ceiling, showcasing a Classic Luxury Gre y Shade design.

   – Full-function built-in multi-purpose shelf cabinets meeting various needs and blending with the room’s mood and tone.

3. Living Space Elegance

 – Wallpaper throughout the room reflects the Modern Luxury concept, contrasting with wooden floors.

 – Built-in TV stand efficiently utilizes space while maintaining a luxurious feel.

4. Functional Storage Solutions

 – Storage cabinets next to the kitchen in light gray tones, creating a modern and luxurious look.

 – Shoe cabinet near the door covered in the Classic Luxury Gray Shade design, combining convenience with elegance.

5. Dining Area Optimization

   – Square dining table in the corner maximizes usable space while featuring the Classic Luxury Gry Shade design in the Modern Luxury concept.

6. Efficient Work Desk

   – Built-in work desk with drawers and storage cabinet, emphasizing functionality and convenience.

   – Special angle for natural light, creating a happy work environment.

7. Bedroom Comfort

   – Headboard size matching a 6-foot bed, high to the ceiling, in a luxurious Classic Luxury Grey Shade design.

   – Gray fabric lining the head of the bed, providing warmth and comfort.

8. Bedside Cabinet    – Floating bed base with a cabinet beside it for holding a mobile phone or decorations, complemented by a reading lamp

**Room Tour Experience:**

Feel the charm of softness and depth reflected in the sought-after luxury of the Giorgio Grey design. The Room Tour showcases the elegance and functionality that The Condo Decor brings to actual condo rooms.

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