Review of Condo Interior Design: Morning Latte (Eco Project) at the Luxury Life Ladprao Project

In this condominium interior design review, we showcase the transformation of a 1-bedroom, 35 sq m unit within the upscale Life Ladprao project. The décor theme adopted is Morning Latte (Eco Project) from The Condo Decor’s Coffee Series Collection, characterized by a harmonious blend of beige and gold tones that exude beauty, luxury, and functionality.

Captured in photos by THE CONDO DECOR, the bedroom interior demonstrates an adept utilization of space. The focal point is the elegantly decorated wall behind the bed, complemented by a tea-gold colored decorative mirror for an added touch of luxury. Built-in multi-purpose wardrobes and a dressing table with overhead storage contribute to an organized and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

The work desk zone and relaxation view corner are designed to maximize space utilization. Soft cushions enhance the comfort of the seating area, providing an ideal spot for ideation, relaxation, or enjoying a cup of coffee while taking in the city view.

The TV wall decoration in the living room integrates multi-purpose storage compartments and a built-in TV shelf adorned with a tea-gold mirror, adding a beautiful and stylish touch to the space. The overall living room interior is designed to be both chic and functional, with built-in decorations, a suitable-sized sofa, a center table, and a multi-purpose storage cabinet, contributing to an organized and efficient use of limited condo space.

Moving to the dining area, a floating dining table with built-in wall-mounted seats and a storage compartment below, complete with sliding doors, exemplifies thoughtful design. A multi-purpose cabinet further enhances the efficiency of the space, allowing residents to make the most of every square meter.

THE CONDO DECOR offers comprehensive condo interior decoration services, covering the entire room – from the bedroom and living room to the dining zone. The Morning Latte (Eco Project) design is part of a package that ensures a complete and beautiful finish, meeting the lifestyle needs of urban dwellers.


To inquire about condo decoration packages in Bangkok, residents of luxury projects, including Life Ladprao, can contact THE CONDO DECOR through their website or register for more information. The company’s one-stop-service guarantees a hassle-free experience, providing complete furniture, built-in elements, floating furniture, and wallpaper for a fully furnished and move-in-ready living space. For those seeking a superior living experience, detailed information can be obtained by contacting the Call Center at 086 382 8284 or reaching out via Line @thecondodecor


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