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Are you seeking to decorate your duplex condo with a touch of luxury at a reasonable price? THE CONDO DECOR can assist you in achieving the perfect atmosphere. Here’s a review of a customer’s duplex room with a ceiling height of 4.2 meters, adorned with the Gold Sensation package design for a luxurious, celebrity-style living space.

The clip showcases the transformation from an empty room with a 4.2-meter ceiling height to a beautifully decorated space with built-in furniture.

Real feelings and feedback from the customer, expressing satisfaction with the Gold Sensation package design.

The review highlights the complete built-ins provided, creating a full-wall space with a private corner for enjoying the view.

The use of black color contrasting with cappuccino marble patterns adds a touch of elegance and completeness to the living space.

The installation of a black tea mirror and a mirrored wardrobe on the 2nd floor enhances the overall aesthetic at an affordable price.

Advantages of Decorating with THE CONDO DECOR

One-stop-service to increase convenience for customers.

An assistant takes care of the room during the construction of built-ins.

Condo decoration package offers a beautiful design, complete furniture, and comprehensive service.

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