PerfectWallProject – Condo Decoration at a Special Price

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the #PerfectWallProject, a condo decoration project offering a special price that caters to all three needs of condominium residents. This project is designed for those who want to decorate their condos economically without compromising beauty and livability.

1. Hassle-free service for those with a busy schedule and limited time to choose materials or designs.

2. Professional interior design that has won the latest Asia Property Awards 2020-2021, ensuring controlled tones and concepts.

3. Total price package that includes interior decoration with built-ins and floating furniture, making it worth living in or renting out.

– 3 โทนสี -⁣

Ivory Beige ⁣

Decorate your condo beautifully with wallpaper in a stunning ivory beige tone. Luxury is added with gold lines and rounded glass, creating a livable space for a luxury lifestyle at a low price.

Dolce Brown

Condo decoration package in brown tones with gold eyebrow lines, adhering to THE CONDODECOR design style, adding a touch of luxury.

Platinum Grey⁣

Elegant condo decoration in gray tones with shiny lines that contrast with the gray room, adding uniqueness and elegance. The package includes built-in furniture.

For residents of luxury projects or anyone interested in condo decoration packages in Bangkok, please visit the registration link: [Registration Form]( or contact us on [Facebook](

Please provide the following details:

1. Project you want to decorate (even if it’s a project that hasn’t been completed yet)

2. Size of your room (sq m2)

3. Name and Contact number


Our dedicated staff is ready to assist with additional customer needs, and a sample room is available for viewing.


Complete your condo decoration worries with THE CONDO DECOR package, covering bedroom zones, living rooms, and dining tables. Enjoy the following services:

– **One – Stop – Service:** Complete, beautiful, and ready to move in.

– **A package:** Includes complete furniture, built-in furniture, floating furniture, and wallpaper to suit every lifestyle.

Experience superior living or request more details at:

– Call Center: 086 382 8284

– Line: @thecondodecor

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