Liquor Series Collection

Certainly, The Liquor Series Collection is designed to complement your lifestyle, offering a condo interior that reflects your personality. Each design within this collection is named after popular drinks, emphasizing a blend of Modern Luxury. The goal is to transform an empty condo into a contemporary and timeless living space. Whether you prefer the sophistication of a classic cocktail or the trendiness of a modern beverage, The Liquor Series Collection is crafted to suit diverse tastes and enhance your living experience.

Golden Bourbon

Golden Bourbon from The Liquor Series Collection presents a captivating blend of elements, featuring a Calacatta white marble pattern combined with Copper-colored glass. This combination exudes a sense of beauty and luxury, setting an elegant tone for the space. The incorporation of wood grain work enhances the design, creating a modern classic look. The overall aesthetic reflects premium quality that stands the test of time and elevates the charm of your living space.

Black Gradus

From The Liquor Series Collection introduces a sophisticated ambiance to the room with its Classy Dark Gray tones. The dark and charming vibe is complemented by a Nordic-style marble pattern, adding a unique touch to the design. The inclusion of Dark Gray Mirror elements enhances the overall aesthetic, providing a luxurious and modern feel. This design effectively captures the essence of modernity and sophistication.

Irish Martiny

Irish Martiny from The Liquor Series Collection brings a beautiful and elegant ambiance to the room. The design controls the room's tone with Graphite Grey, a light gray tone that exudes sophistication. The meticulous and simple design is complemented by the charm of beauty with black mirrors, creating a luxurious and modern contemporary atmosphere. This design encapsulates a sense of luxury and refinement.

Ultimate Grey Collection

Ultimate Grey Collection by The Condo Decor offers a captivating blend of luxury and strength through the prominent use of the Ultimate Gray color. This hue, chosen as the color of the year by the Pantone Color Institute, reflects stability akin to rock-like strength. The collection features two designs: Giorgio Grey and Nordic Grey.

Giorgio Grey

Giorgio Grey from the ULTIMATE GRAY COLLECTION delivers a complete gray-themed condo decoration that exudes luxury and charm. The design incorporates a Luxury Style with a modern touch, striking a balance between dark gray and light gray. The addition of a luxurious gray carpet enhances the perfection of the design, providing customers with a truly impressive living experience in every dimension.

Nordic Grey

Nordic Grey from the ULTIMATE GREY COLLECTION offers a simple yet distinctive design. Controlled with a simple and elegant grey tone, it creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere within the condo. Ideal for condos seeking a blend of relaxation and beauty in a modern style, Nordic Grey achieves minimalistic luxury with a combination of gray and brown wood.

Bright Scandi

Within the Nordic Grey Collection, there are two shades to choose from, and one of them is Bright Scandi. This design utilizes gray combined with light wood colors, creating a warm and comfortable appearance while maintaining the elegance of Modern Luxury. The interplay of light gray and light wood tones fosters a gentle atmosphere, providing a sense of privacy and relaxation.

Bold Scandi

Bold Scandi, a part of the Nordic Grey Collection from the ULTIMATE GREY COLLECTION, brings a distinctive touch to condo decoration. This design incorporates grey with dark brown wood to create a natural atmosphere infused with Modern Luxury. The combination of dark gray and brown levels not only adds a unique sense of stability to the condo but also introduces a modern and outstanding style.


The Carrara Collection Eco Project is designed to bring Modern Style to your condo's interior with a perfect combination of black and soft white tones. This collection draws inspiration from the colors and patterns found in Alma Carrara stone from Italy. The headboard wall and TV wall are adorned with shiny metallic lines, enhancing the beauty and elegance of the marble, creating a luxurious atmosphere. With the placement of furniture in a Modern style, the Carrara Collection allows customers to fully experience Modern Luxury in their condo.