Saint Timeless Collection

The SAINT TIMELESS COLLECTION, embodying the essence of Modern Classic, pushes the boundaries to fulfill your Luxury Lifestyle desires. This design focuses on understated beauty and sophistication, catering to those who appreciate classic styles while maintaining a touch of luxury. The color palette emphasizes luxurious design elements, incorporating simple yet elegant built-in features with a European-inspired aesthetic

Classic Ivory

Indulge in the exquisite ambiance of beauty, luxury, and visual comfort through the refined wall designs inspired by the elegance of Thai silk. The meticulous room decor, adorned in subtle and luxurious white tones, invites you to experience a life filled with Luxury Style, reminiscent of the lavish atmosphere found in European hotels

Classic French Grey

Luxurious and inviting, the subtle gray tones enhance the beauty through a simple yet sophisticated design. Combining modern and classic elements seamlessly in a luxurious European style, it transcends time, offering a charming and timeless warmth that resonates within you

Classic Midnight Grey

The deep dark gray tone signifies profound and alluring softness. The lotus leaf motifs, uniquely charming, blend classic and modern elements in this design, expressing a romantic ambiance, akin to sipping champagne in a luxurious hotel


Immerse yourself in the distinctive ambiance of the Japanese Zendai design, creating a serene and natural atmosphere within your room. This unique design surrounds your space with the warmth of wood grain and comforting color tones, establishing a sense of tranquility and connection with nature. The Japanese Zendai design is particularly well-suited for those who appreciate the Zen style, providing a comfortable and shaded environment that harmonizes with a calm and peaceful lifestyle.