Luxurious Condo Interior Tour by CEO Pearie Janine Sirinarasap of THE CONDO DECOR: Unveiling the Carrara Collection

Miss Janine Sirinarasap, the CEO of THE CONDO DECOR, invites you on an exclusive tour of the interior of a luxurious condo located in the heart of Sukhumvit, IDEO Q S36. During the tour, she shares insights into the inspiration behind the creation of the newest collection, the Carrara Collection.

The condo is adorned with a sophisticated interior design, featuring a mix of two tones, white and black. The White Chloe color dominates the bedroom and living room, with a special marble pattern that exudes beauty and classic elegance. The office space, styled in Black Versace, emphasizes simplicity and elegance in black tones, enhanced by playfully crafted light and shadow effects from metallic accents. The overall ambiance creates a Modern Luxury look, appealing to those with a taste for the most elegant and simple styles.

Key Highlights of THE CONDO DECOR’s Condo Decoration Service⁣

1.One-Stop-Service: Complete, beautiful, and all-encompassing, covering the bedroom, living room, and more.

2.Comprehensive Packages: Inclusive of complete furniture, built-in furniture, floating furniture, and wallpaper, tailored to diverse lifestyles. ⁣

3.Trusted Technicians: A confident team with a track record of more than 500 condo decorations in Bangkok.

4.Built-in Work Guarantee: Offering a 6-month guarantee on built-in work.

5.Award-Winning Service: Winner of the interior design award from the international Asia Pacific Property Awards.

How to Inquire about Condo Decoration Packages in Bangkok:

  1. Inform about the project you want to decorate (even if it’s not yet completed).
  2. Specify the size of your room in square meters (sq m2).
  3. Provide your name and contact number or register to receive information here.

By following these simple steps, you can transform your condo into a beautiful and ready-to-move-in living space. THE CONDO DECOR promises personalized assistance and service, making the experience akin to having your personal secretary

For further details or to express your interest, contact THE CONDO DECOR:

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