LIVING CONDO EP2: Build-In, How Good Is It?

In this episode of Living Condo, Mr. Yuichi Moritaka, the Constructor & Engineer Director of THE CONDO DÉCOR, discusses the crucial topic of decorating a condo and the differences between using built-in and knock-down furniture. This is particularly helpful for new condo owners and investors deciding how to furnish their spaces.

Advantages of Knock-Down Furniture (Floating Furniture)

1. Generally more budget-friendly, depending on the chosen materials.

2. Easily changeable. Can be moved, lifted, and replaced for a new look.

Advantages of Built-In Condos

1. Interior designers measure the space and create a built-in design that perfectly fits the room.

2. Designed beforehand, ensuring no wasted or cramped spaces.

3. Offers more control over the budget, especially with professional assistance.

Advantages of Decorating with THE CONDO DÉCOR: Service One-Stop-Service

1. Budget-friendly options with quality materials. VIP and ECO BUDGET PACKAGES cater to different preferences.

2. A team helps measure rooms and designs according to chosen packages for seamless decoration.

3.Covers built-ins, furniture, LED decorative lights, and additional options like curtains and mattresses. Coordination is handled by the team, making the process hassle-free.

4. Each design is tailored to the neighborhood’s strengths, ensuring a modern, classic, and beautiful aesthetic. For example, designs in the Sukhumvit area emphasize luxury.

VIP Package with the Rosegold Masterpiece Collection design at the Life Sukhumvit 48 project, showcasing the excellence of built-in packages from THE CONDO DÉCOR.

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