Introducing the stunning “Work From Condo” built-in work desk corners by THE CONDO DECOR, designed for ultimate functionality and style.

Let’s take a glimpse into the actual decoration work of various work zones in different room designs:

White Newyork (Eco Project) Design – New York Collection

– Work desk with storage drawers.

   – Connects to a wooden deck with sliding cabinets.

   – Suitable for storing various work equipment.

   – Provides a beautiful view for relaxation after work.

   – Decorated in white tones for an open and airy feel.

Morning Latte (Eco Project) Design – Coffee Series Collection

   – Work desk with 2 drawers.

   – Beautifully designed leather chair.

   – Wooden deck with an open-air storage compartment.

   – Decorated in bright beige and gold tones for a fresh and comfortable ambiance.

Vanilla Beige Design – Luxury Beige Collection

   – Work desk in the living room with a comfortable chair.

   – Can be transformed into a dining table.

   – Decorated in beige tones with gold lines, offering warmth and elegance.

Marble Glam Design (VIP Package)

– Work desk with overhead storage and side storage cabinets.

   – Ideal for residents with a lot of work equipment.

   – Marble Glam design with marble patterns contrasting perfectly with brown wood patterns.

   – Wall-mounted side storage for an organized work space.

Multipurpose Cabinets and Drawers

   – Designed for both relaxation and work zones.

   – Multi-purpose tables for work or dining.

   – Built-in furniture and floating furniture that meet usage standards.

   – Multipurpose cabinets with organized storage for work documents and personal items.

   – Work desks with drawers of the right size for room appropriateness.

For those residing in luxury projects or anyone looking to decorate a condo in Bangkok, whether it’s a new condo or an empty one, THE CONDO DECOR offers the following advantages:

1. **Suitable Living Design:**

   – Multi-purpose tables designed for both work and dining.

   – Perfect space allocation based on customer needs.

2. **Sturdy Built-In Furniture:**

   – Built-in and floating furniture meeting usage standards.

   – Wooden desks suitable for work and providing scenic views.

3. **Multipurpose Cabinets:**

   – Designed for organized storage of work documents and personal items.

   – Adds an airy feel to the condo.

4. **Optimal Drawer Sizes:**

   – Work desks with drawers of the right size and appropriateness for the room.

For those interested in decorating their condo or have inquiries about THE CONDO DECOR’s services:

1. Provide information about the project you want to decorate.

2. Specify the size of your room (sq m).

3. Provide your name and contact number.

Alternatively, register to receive more information at [TheCondoDecorRegistrationLink](

For additional inquiries, contact the Call Center at 086 382 8284 or reach out via Line @thecondodecor.

Experience the luxury of complete condo decoration with THE CONDO DECOR – Your One-Stop-Service for a beautiful and fully decorated living space! 🏡✨

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