Introducing 4 Luxury Style Built-in Packages by THE CONDO DECOR

Explore our 4 Luxury Style Built-in Packages for a Luxurious Condo Makeover at an Exceptional Price

In the current urban lifestyle, the preference for condominium living has grown due to its convenience for work and daily life. Recognizing the challenge of limited space in condos, THE CONDO DECOR, a comprehensive condo decoration service, has meticulously crafted designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality to cater to our customers’ needs. Presenting four luxurious styles featuring our most popular designs



   – Luxurious and elegant design featuring warm white tones.

   – Decorated with white marble patterns and gray stone tops accentuated with gold lines, enhancing the room’s brightness and spaciousness.

   – Emphasizes elegance and comfort.


   – Striking design incorporating pink gold tones and Elite White Marble, resulting in the Rose Gold Masterpiece Collection.

   – Inspired by “Asymmetry design,” offering perfect asymmetrical balance in every corner of the room.

   – Accentuates simplicity and elegance, catering to the luxurious lifestyle of individuals with discerning taste.


   – Luxury infused with natural beige and bright gold tones.

   – Utilizes built-in materials to control the overall tone of the room, adding a touch of opulence.

   – Features a premium-grade hammock from EZ Hammock in the elegant White Cloud color.


– Warm and inviting color tones reminiscent of drip coffee, portraying a classic, enduring quality.

   – Meticulously chosen materials in dark, organic tones, with wood patterns highlighted by well-designed gold lines.

   – Complemented by a premium-grade hammock from EZ Hammock in the sophisticated Black Pearl color.

For those seeking a premium living experience with a One-Stop-Service and professional touch, or if you are interested in exploring our sample room, please reach out to us:

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