Ideas for Decorating Your Condo in Modern Style on a Budget

If you’re struggling with how to decorate your condo in a modern and elegant style without breaking the bank, THE CONDO DECOR has the perfect solution for you. They offer packaged condo interior decoration services, providing a complete service that reduces coordination steps and eliminates budget concerns. Let’s explore the special design packages in the Perfect Wall Project


Color Theme: Brown wood pattern with gold accents.

Headboard decorated with Dolce Brown wallpaper and covered with velvet fabric

Built-in wardrobe with glass door and a curved dressing table with a mirror.

Suitable-sized sofa and a built-in dining table with overhead storage cabinet.

TV wall decorated with Dolce Brown wallpaper and multi-purpose storage cabinets.

– Platinum Grey –

Color Theme: Dark grey tones with gold trim.

TV wall decorated with dark grey wallpaper and gold trim, featuring a glass-door TV cabinet.

Dining table with overhead storage cabinet.

Headboard wall decorated with special color wallpaper and silver lines, lined with velvet fabric.

Built-in wardrobe with a tall mirror, dressing table with a curved mirror, and stool.


Color Theme: Ivory beige tones with golden lines.

TV wall decorated with ivory beige wallpaper, featuring a TV shelf and multi-purpose storage cabinets.

Built-in dining table with two chairs and storage cabinet above the dining table.

Headboard wall decorated with special color wallpaper and gold lines, including a storage cabinet.

Built-in dressing table with a rounded mirror, stool, and wardrobe with a glass door.

#ข้อดีของแพ็กเกจจาก THE CONDO DÉCOR

  • One-Stop Service: A complete and beautiful service, finishing the room for immediate occupancy.
  • Complete Furniture Package: Includes built-in furniture, floating furniture, and wallpaper to suit various lifestyles.
  • Confidence in Technicians: A team with positive reviews from decorating over 500 condos in Bangkok.
  • 6-Month Built-In Work Guarantee.
  • Winner of Interior Design Awards from the international Asia Pacific Property Awards.

For luxury project residents interested in decorating their condo, inquiries about condo decoration packages in Bangkok can be made at The Condo Decor. Provide details about the project, room size, name, and contact number, or register here to receive information.

Your room will be beautiful, ready to move in, and taken care of by a dedicated team. Don’t miss out on these special services – reach out via inbox or comment “interested.” Experience a superior living with THE CONDO DECOR! For more details, contact the

Call Center at 086 382 8284 or reach them on

Line @thecondodecor.

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