[Clip] Follow Every Step of the BUILD-IN Process – LIVING CONDO | EP 3

Ever wondered about the process of decorating a one-room built-in condo? In this episode of LIVING CONDO, we take you through every step of the build-in process.

Q&A Session

Answers to common questions about the condo decoration process, including the ease for customers with one-stop-service, meticulous care for the room, and the affordability of condo decoration packages.

The 5-minute clip showcases the process from the initial stage to completion, taking approximately 30 days after legal approval of the design.


A visual transformation of the condo room during the built-in process and after completion.

The Rose Gold Masterpiece Collection 2018 design is featured, highlighting the condo decoration package.

The LIFE ASOKE Project serves as the backdrop for the clip.

The condo decoration package includes a built-in TV shelf wall (TV not included), multi-purpose shelves, a matching sofa, a wooden desk with a scenic view, and a walk-in closet.

The condo decoration package offers complete services, ensuring convenience for customers.

**How to Inquire:**

– LINE: @thecondodecor

– [Contact via LINE](

– Call: 086 382 8284

New condo owners with empty spaces can register for more details here: [Registration Link](

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