Saint Timeless Collection

The SAINT TIMELESS COLLECTION, embodying the essence of Modern Classic, pushes the boundaries to fulfill your Luxury Lifestyle desires. This design focuses on understated beauty and sophistication, catering to those who appreciate classic styles while maintaining a touch of luxury. The color palette emphasizes luxurious design elements, incorporating simple yet elegant built-in features with a European-inspired aesthetic

Classic Ivory

Enhance your lifestyle with VIP-level design that exudes beauty, luxury, and soothing elegance. Immerse yourself in the exquisite ambiance created by refined white-toned wall designs inspired by the elegance of Thai silk. The meticulous room decor invites you to experience a life filled with Luxury Style, transporting you to the luxurious atmosphere of European hotels.

Classic French Grey

Luxurious and inviting, the subtle gray tones enhance the beauty through a simple yet sophisticated design. Combining modern and classic elements seamlessly in a luxurious European style, it transcends time, offering a charming and timeless warmth that resonates within you

Classic Midnight Grey

The deep dark gray tone signifies profound and alluring softness. The lotus leaf motifs, uniquely charming, blend classic and modern elements in this design, expressing a romantic ambiance, akin to sipping champagne in a luxurious hotel


Embark on a journey through the luxurious and stylish landscape of New York City right in the heart of your condo with the "New York Series." This outstanding collection offers you the opportunity to experience the sophistication and allure of the Big Apple within the confines of your own living space. Choose from two distinct designs and styles: White Newyork and Black Newyork.

White Newyork

White Newyork, the epitome of opulence, captivates with its use of white marble as the primary element, setting the stage for a room that exudes elegance and refinement. The clean and pristine white color scheme imparts an airy and spacious feel to your living space, creating a luxurious ambiance that is both chic and timeless. This design, characterized by a harmonious blend of marble patterns and gold lines, has earned accolades from The Condo Decor's discerning clientele. The meticulous arrangement of furniture, reminiscent of a luxury hotel in New York, adds to the overall allure. Hidden lights strategically placed throughout the room enhance its modern luxury, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and sophisticated. White Newyork stands as a testament to the pursuit of luxury and comfort, offering a design that is not only popular but also timeless in its appeal.

Black Newyork

Black Newyork is a design that caters to the desires of those who appreciate opulence in a cool and discreet manner. The unique use of black marble patterns and wood trim adorned with gold lines creates a room that is both charming and inviting. The distinctive combination of these elements results in a space that exudes an air of elegance, making it an ideal choice for individuals who prefer a cool and classic aesthetic. Lights strategically concealed in various locations enhance the modern luxury of the room, adding to its allure. The carefully arranged furniture takes inspiration from the sophistication of luxury hotels in New York, elevating the overall design to new heights. If you are someone who appreciates the charm of cool and sophisticated interiors, the Black Newyork design should undoubtedly be on your radar.