Room Tour: GIORGIO GRAY – A Cool Gray Condo Design

"ออกแบบ interior"

Discover the allure of softness and depth reflected in luxury with the Giorgio Grey design by The Condo Decor. The focus is on creating a highlight for your condo room with a cool grey color, attracting every lifestyle.

Room Tour: Luxurious Condo Decoration with Carrara Collection (VIP) Design

"รับ แต่ง คอน โด"

Experience the epitome of luxury with The Condo Decor’s Carrara Collection (VIP) – a stunning design that seamlessly blends elegance and classic style in Modern Luxury fashion. Join Khun Pear on a tour of this fully furnished room, adorned with the sophistication of Black Versace and the timeless beauty of White Chloe.

“Tips for Investing in Condos Wisely! What to Know Before Finalizing the Budget!!”

"ราคา บิ้ ว อิน คอน โด"

“Already have a condo and want a beautiful and livable space? Many people prefer to decorate their condos in the most convenient and easy way by hiring interior designers or decoration companies to help with designing and completing the interior. This is a valid approach because professionals can handle these matters effectively. However, there are some tricks to make condo interior design cost-effective. Today, we’ll share some tips you should know before finalizing your budget!