Miss Janine Sirinarasap


THE CONDO DECOR Company was founded by Miss Janine Sirinarasap, a new-generation entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry. The standout feature of THE CONDO DECOR is its emphasis on design and aesthetics, coupled with the provision of services in the form of condominium decoration packages, offering a comprehensive One-Stop-Service.
Guided by the executives' vision, THE CONDO DECOR aims to shape its interior design business akin to a fashion brand. Just like renowned fashion brands release collections every season, THE CONDO DECOR ensures that each design release is admired and frequently discussed. The paramount focus is on ensuring that every design in each collection exudes luxury, classic elegance, contemporary flair, and practical functionality.
The crucial aspect is that every design, across all collections, is designed to be liked and consistently talked about. The key requirement is that each design encompasses elements of luxury, classic aesthetics, contemporary trends, and practical usability. In essence, every square meter of living space is meticulously crafted to embody Smart Interior Design.


Because we believe that, "Regardless of your lifestyle, having a well-decorated condo that is beautiful is the reward of life," THE CONDO DECOR not only features outstanding and unique collections but is also widely recognized. This recognition extends to the invitations extended to A-List actors, celebrities, and numerous models to participate in our campaigns. We aim to make every customer proud to reside in a beautifully adorned condo. Every angle is picturesque, and every photo captures the essence of celebrity living, ensuring that our customers are proud to showcase their living spaces.

"Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020-2021"

Reiterating the success of THE CONDO DECOR, with the International Award Winner accolade in interior design at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020-2021. The recognition is specifically in the field of Residential Interior Apartment design for Thailand, focusing on the Elegance Private Residence project at Asoke Project.
Moving from the Award Winner distinction in residential interiors towards the ongoing development of condo interior design, THE CONDO DECOR remains committed to consistently meeting the demands of luxury living in condominiums. Everyone can stay updated on our designs, promotional condo design and decoration packages, and new specials through all social channels provided by THE CONDO DECOR.
All of this serves as clear proof that THE CONDO DECOR is a leader in Hi-End condo interior design. You can trust us to provide the convenience of a comprehensive One-Stop-Service Built-in Package when you decide to enlist our services.

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